The quantum world is based on uncertainty. The quantum workforce needn't be. We can show you how.

Combining extensive recruitment experience with a genuine understanding of the quantum market, gained painstakingly over many years.

Whether a company seeking to entangle with the brightest people or a person looking to find their superposition Entangled Positions is here to create the right dynamic with no spin.

In an environment where genuine excellence is required to push the boundaries of human endeavour, it makes sense to trust those who have been in the field for a long time and appreciate the challenges we all face creating the right community to deliver the undoubted potential of quantum 2.0.

Recruitment is an industry blighted by grand promises and mediocre delivery, Entangled Positions are proud to do things differently.

Experienced Trustworthy Consultancy


Entangled with the quantum community since 2014.
Recruiting technology Positions since 2004.
'No spin just win'.


Entangled with quantum technology before it was fashionable.
Years of industry knowledge and relationships.
Proud to be committed for the long-term.
'God may play dice but you don't have to rely on chance'.


Entangled with you every step of the way. Experience gives the basis to consult on the right course of action for your individual needs. Science needs knowledge and experience and so does your growth. 'The subatomic world of quantum is bigger than any individual.'.

Our founder

John Barnes is a specialist recruiter/headhunter working in the for boutique technology agencies since 2004. He founded Profecta Associates in 2014 to focus on future technologies and has created Entangled Positions to provide the drive and expertise quantum 2.0 requires.
He spent 10 years focusing on software development and architecture which laid the ideal foundations to evolve into a specialist supplier of recruitment services to the scientific arena.